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Melissa Ortiz
As President / CEO of Sapphire Recruiters, Melissa brings 20+ years of experience within the Entertainment & Media and CPG industries. She started her career in the investment / commercial banking sectors. Having lived in four major cities throughout the world, she has facilitated the funding of global expansion initiatives within the two industries for 15+ years. It is the skills she's honed as a banker, evaluating the business plans and senior management teams of leading industry players that led to her transition to recruitment. After 8+ years as an executive recruiter, she is considered a strategic partner among the executive management ranks of most major Entertainment & Media and CPG companies globally.


Julia Nisbet
As Director of Recruiting for Europe, Julia Nisbet brings 15+ years of global corporate and entrepreneurial management expertise to Sapphire Recruiters. With a Masters in International Business, she commenced her global career as an international financial analyst covering the European subsidiaries for a leading Fortune 500 company. After 2 years, she launched her career within the financial services sector. An accomplished institutional banking executive, she played an integral part in the European expansion initiatives of leading global asset management and financial advisory companies. She achieved great success by forging strong relationships within the executive management ranks of fortune 500 companies. As the Director of Recruiting for Europe, she brings her international corporate and entrepreneurial management expertise to establish Sapphire Recruiters as a leading European provider of international recruiting services, bringing together top players and talent in the Entertainment & Media industries.


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